"Knowing that I'm helping people making a difference when I help people.... I just couldn't ask for anything better."

Twelve-year-old Ella Lindenberg loves school more than nearly anything else in the world. When she learned there were girls in Kenya who were missing school due to simple lack of access to sanitary pads and underwear, she wanted to get involved and make a difference. In two weeks, Ella raised over $1000 to support our work in Kenya, wowing our entire staff. She's also become an articulate and passionate speaker on this issue affecting girls around the world. Meet Ella and her passion in the video below!

The generosity of Ella and other supporters have been crucial to 4TGP in our formative years, and we truly could not do the work we do for girls without them. One young Kenyan girl, nine-year-old Vivian, who is also deeply passionate about school, articulated her thanks for the support of Ella and other 4TGP supporters by saying "We thank you for favoring us with your help. "