Aspen Daily News "Time Out" spotlights For the Good Period Photography Exhibit

The Aspen Daily News published an article on 4TGP's photography exhibit at the CMC Aspen Gallery space. The issue also highlighted several other groups working on MHM solutions other non-profits are working on to solve this barrier to education for girls. Thank you, Sarah Dale Payne for the thoughtful article. You can read an excerpt below.

Starting the Conversation with a Period. By Sarah Dale Payne, Time Out Staff Writer. February 18, 2016.

Very rarely does one associate a smiling girl with her monthly cycle. Yet, the conveniences many Western women take as second nature are extraordinarily revolutionary for women in developing nations. Kate Lapides shares her experience in rural Kenya educating young women to understand and take control of their menstrual cycles in a photographic journey called "A Thousand Smiles: Images from Kenya" at Colorado Mountain College's Aspen campus, where she is the marketing and communications editor

Her show chronicles and examines the freedom, confidence and mobility that comes with providing women with health education and resources. To do this she worked with the nonprofit For The Good Period, where she is also the communications director.
For Lapides, the choice to highlight the smiles she captured was intentional for this particular project. She noticed that in the midst of poverty, strife and hardship, the spirit of the women she met was one of irrepressible joy. Click for full article

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