Return From Kenya

Our Executive Director, Kayce Anderson, spent three weeks in Kenya late-May to mid-June. While there, she visited several communities we work in and watched our incredible Director of Programs, Millicent Mukindia, work her magic as she facilitated meetings with parents. Kayce and Millicent also met with village chiefs, Ministry of Education representatives and teachers. They also hired two role model educators, Faith Nieri and Robert Kamwara, who can connect with adolescents while delivering life-changing information.

Kayce's recent trip was a powerful reminder that our model of community development from the ground up that incorporates the input of all members of the community is a pathway to create change that is sustainable and lasting. Kayce shared how during community meetings with parents,  their excitement was palpable as they envisioned their children's potential. While inclusion of community members means slower change and more extensive, long term engagement with community, we feel it is critical to create lasting change. Sensing both the parent's and the girls' excitement reassures us that we are doing great work with incredible people on the ground in Kenya and moving forward in exciting, energizing ways.

When were in Kenya, we always wish we could transport each and every 4TGP supporter to the villages where we work so they can meet the many amazing, hopeful girls and experience, first-hand, how their support is changing lives for the better. Since we can't do that, we offer a few of their stories in our latest annual report. Additionally, the more we learn about the needs of girls and their communities and how our work is making a real difference, the greater sense of responsibility we feel to expand our reach. Please see our donation page to see how your support can make a real difference in lives, from an individual girl to an entire community. Together, thanks to you, we are having a powerful impact.

Kate LapidesComment