Changing the world one girl at a time







You can change her life.
Someday she will change
the world.

We work with communities to keep girls in school so they are equipped and emboldened to drive their own lives.


Educating girls is one of the most effective strategies to combat poverty, yet 9.5 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa will never set foot in a classroom.




“With an education, I can help my family and my community.”

-Najma, age 11



Since 2015, you've helped change the lives of thousands of girls like Najma. Together, we’ve worked with 2000 families in 85 villages to create new a new vision for their children’s education. But we're not done yet. Together, we know we can impact the lives of thousands more.

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Najma in her primary school classroom

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Why Girls?

We focus on girls for two reasons - gender norms often prevent girls from attaining an education beyond primary school, and the payoffs of educating a girl extend far beyond her own life. Given a secondary education, girls earn higher incomes, have fewer and healthier children, and are more likely to send their own children to school. That is a big ripple that has community, national and global impacts.

We focus on rural communities because they are often overlooked by the government and other NGOs, though Kenya’s population is 74% rural. Girls in rural populations face unique barriers to education, which stem from traditional forms of livelihood and more traditional culture.

When you invest in a girl, you create a ripple effect with a global impact. Thanks to you, we've been able to spark thousands of those ripples














We have the power to use our
voices and resources to see
that every girl has the
opportunity to develop her
voice and talents.
Together, we will change the
world, one girl at a time.


“We’re in this together. Because these girls are our girls. They are us. They each have the spark of something extraordinary inside them, just like our daughters - and sons - and their fate is very much our responsibility.”

-Michelle Obama



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